FairMatch Support (FMS) was founded in 2007 with the objective to create new opportunities in developing sustainable supply chains ‘from field to fork’.

Over the past 11 years FMS gained extensive experience in developing, improving and expanding sustainable and future proof value chains in developing countries. FMS has created their own approach resulting in tangible improvements in a range of supply chains like cocoa, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

FairMatch Support has three offices in The Netherlands, Burkina Faso and Kyrgyzstan. Our worldwide network of like-minded partner organisations is an integral part of our organisation.

With our work we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals:




The supervisory board monitors and advises the FairMatch Support management team. The board consists of four persons who avail of important supplementary knowledge and experience in our field.

Daphne Pit is founder of Pit Pure Power; a consultancy and business development boutique, supporting social enterprises and sustainable business. Daphne is dedicated to speeding up the transition to a sustainable society. With over 15 years experience in both the corporate and non-corporate sector, she now working directly with organisations focused on increasing their social or sustainable impact in the world. Previous employers include the DOEN Foundation, DSM, Ecofys, Eneco and ING Bank.

Aart van den Bos is an entrepreneur with a wide range of experience in many continents. He has set up various agribusiness companies in different emerging countries over the years. It gives him energy when he gets the chance to combine social, ecological and financial success.

Joke van der Ven is working as senior investment officer for the Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund, providing finance for the development of sustainable value chains covering emerging markets. She has been active in different positions in the area of enterprise development and agribusiness in Africa and Latin America over the past 20 years.