Commited people creating future proof supply chains

With deep knowledge and extensive experience FairMatch Support develops, improves and expands sustainable supply chains, together with all actors involved. We have expertise in various sectors. From fruit and vegetables to cocoa and from nuts to beeswax.

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What we do 

We advise, co-design business cases and projects, support implementation and monitor progress. We build bridges throughout the chain: we promote and accelerate collaboration, align different interests and create common language and understanding.

Our services are based on our unique characteristics:

  • We are a social venture with an extensive international network of committed people: relevant supply chain actors as well as funders and local and international policy makers;
  • we work from a business-orientated approach, making sure there is a business case for everyone involved;
  • we focus on co-creation and long-term collaboration with all supply chain partners.

How we do this

We offer a range of support services to companies, producers and other actors in agricultural supply chains. We use a systematic but tailor-made, flexible approach. We use various tools and methods to respond to changing markets and different production chains. This is how we customise our work for every specific matter.

Our work is based on four pillars:

Innovative solutions

We create innovative solutions to achieve sustainable and future-proof supply chains. We learn and adapt our approaches to make them more economically viable, scalable and customised for every specific matter.

Economic & Social Empowerment

We support producers and producer organisations in the agrifood sector in professionalising their business and match them with new markets to strengthening their position in supply chains and improve their livelihoods.

Inclusive Business Empowerment

We support companies in the agrifood sector to internalise sustainability in their supply chains so they gain access to sufficient, high-quality produced raw materials, now and in the future.

Viable business case for all actors

We create a viable business case for all actors involved. Co-creation and long-term collaboration on fair pricing, sustainable production and transparency are key to sustainable development.


Making a long-term difference in sustainable business

We work worldwide with a variety of agricultural products. Our programmes are always conducted in collaboration with our global network of like-minded local business development organisations. Read more about a selection of our projects and programmes to better understand what we do, our approach and our expertise.