FairMatch Support develops and improves sustainable agricultural supply chains

FairMatch Support is an international, independent social venture. We work with committed people on the creation of sustainable supply chains, together with all actors involved.

Who we are

Making a long-term difference in sustainable business

We are FairMatch Support, an independent social venture founded in 2007. We develop and improve sustainable agricultural supply chains in various sectors. From fruit and vegetables to cocoa and from nuts to beeswax.


Profitable business case for everyone involved in the chain

Companies in the agrifood sector face the challenge of having access to sufficient, high-quality produced raw materials, now and in the future. At the same time, they are confronted with critical questions from society about the origin and sustainability of their products. Producers are looking for ways to improve the quality of their products, to increase volume, to professionalise their business and get access to new markets. This way they can improve their livelihoods.

We support companies, producers and other actors in the supply chain with these matters and match them together. Starting point is that there is a market and a profitable business case for everyone involved in the supply chain. This is how we ensure change for the long term. With our work we aim to achieve innovations that increase the quality of production with respect for people and the environment, and every link in the chain earning a fair margin.


Innovative & independent coach behind the scenes

As an innovative and independent coach behind the scenes we advise, co-design business cases, support implementation and monitor progress. We build bridges throughout the chain: we promote and accelerate collaboration, align different interests and create common language and understanding.

Co-creation and long-term collaboration are key

FairMatch Support believes that co-creation and long-term collaboration are key to sustainable development. That is why we strive to work as much as possible in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP’s). Public organisations and companies together can create solutions that they alone cannot realise. By using each other's qualities and supplementing and strengthening each other, there is a greater chance that objectives of both parties will succeed.

Sector transitions

With our work with individual companies we contribute to sector transitions towards sustainable and fair supply chains. We also work together with sectors as a whole, to create strategic partnerships and alliances and work on innovations and impact. FairMatch Support is one of the initiators of the Sustainable Nut Initiative (SN). SNI is a pre-competitive collaboration platform that brings together all nut supply chain actors, who show commitment to work on a more sustainable nut sector. SNI participants join forces to create impact on key sustainability topics in the global nut supply chains. Together they create a beyond certification and risk-based approach allowing current and future sustainability issues to be tackled on a sector level and work on continuous improvement.

FairMatch Support runs the secretariat of the Sustainable Nut Initiative. We function as a knowledge base and we support participants.

Global network

We work from our offices in Europe (the Netherlands), West Africa (Côte d’Ivoire & Burkina Faso) and Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan). In addition, we work with international like-minded partner organisations. Through this network we can support companies and producers all over the world. Thanks to our people in the field, we are able to support companies with their specific matters and provide customised solutions.



17 agricultural products

We set up sustainable supply chains for more than 17 agricultural products such as cashew nuts, rice and various fruits.

4 offices

We have boots on the ground: we work from 4 offices in different parts of the world and with a global network of dedicated partners.

35 private companies

We supported more than 35 private companies, both corporate, SME and sector-wide.

18 countries

We worked in over 18 countries on 5 continents.

Committed people creating future-proof supply chains 

We are a divers team with two offices in West Africa, an office in the Netherlands and an office in Kyrgyzstan, in Central Asia. Learn more about the people behind FairMatch Support.

Customers & Partners

Who we work with

We work with public and private parties on and a viable business case for everyone involved in the international agricultural supply chains.




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