FairMatch Support develops and improves sustainable agricultural supply chains

FairMatch Support is an international, independent social venture. We are convinced that in a future-proof food system long-term collaboration, sustainable agricultural production and a fair distribution of profits throughout the supply chain are key to sustainable development.


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About us

Innovative & independent coach behind the scenes

We develop and improve sustainable agricultural supply chains in various sectors. From fruit to cocoa and from nuts to beeswax.

As an innovative and independent coach behind the scenes we support and match all actors of agricultural supply chains together. We make sure there is a market and a viable business case for both (smallholder) producers as well as processors, purchasers and funders. This enables companies to gain access to sufficient, high-quality supply now and in the future. In addition it allows producers to work on the quality and volume of their products, to professionalise their business and to access new markets so they can improve their livelihood.

We offer a range of support services to companies, producers and other actors in agricultural supply chains. Our work is based on four pillars:

Innovative solutions

We create innovative solutions to achieve sustainable and future-proof supply chains. We learn and adapt our approaches to make them more economically viable, scalable and customised for every specific matter.

Economic & Social Empowerment

We support producers and producer organisations in the agrifood sector in professionalising their business and match them with new markets to strengthening their position in supply chains and improve their livelihoods.

Inclusive Business Empowerment

We support companies in the agrifood sector to internalise sustainability in their supply chains so they gain access to sufficient, high-quality produced raw materials, now and in the future.

Viable business case for all actors

We create a viable business case for all actors involved. Co-creation and long-term collaboration on fair pricing, sustainable production and transparency are key to sustainable development.

Who we work with

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Our work

Making a long-term difference in sustainable business

Together with profit and non-profit organisations we work on sustainable business cases for a variety of agricultural products. Take a look at a selection of our projects in different sectors and regions worldwide.


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Towards a traceable cashew supply chain in Côte d’Ivoire

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Brewing a better future: creating a transition by collaboration throughout the whole supply chain

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Cracking the Nut: Traceability and Sustainability by Local Processing

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A collaborative network within the South African avocado supply chain

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Enhancing a sustainable and traceable rice value chain in Cote d’Ivoire

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Our impact

Towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Our global food system is in need of change. We are convinced that in a future-proof system long term collaboration, sustainable agricultural production with respect for the environment and a fair distribution of profits throughout the supply chain are key to sustainable development.

We use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to shape our goals and activities. The SDG’s form a universally adopted framework for sustainable development, aiming to end all forms of poverty, inequalities and climate change. The framework calls for worldwide action among governments, organisations and civil society. We feel that it is our responsibility to support all these actors involved in creating and improving sustainable supply chains.

With our work we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals:

About us

17 agricultural products

We set up sustainable supply chains for more than 17 agricultural products such as cashew nuts, rice and fruit.

4 offices

We have boots on the ground: we work from 4 offices in different parts of the world and with a global network of dedicated partners.

35 private companies

We supported more than 35 private companies, both corporate, SME and sector-wide.

18 countries

We worked in over 18 countries on 5 continents.

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