Services and products

Services and products

With deep knowledge and extensive experience FairMatch Support develops, improves and expands sustainable value chains of various products, such as nuts, cocoa, fruits, vegetables and fisheries in developing countries world wide.

FairMatch Support key activities are:

  • • Assessing and analysing the supply chain and market opportunity;
    • Creating strategic partnerships and alliances;
    • Planning, managing and promoting vertical cooperation in supply chains, using market demand as the accelerator;
    • Increasing sustainability, quality and quantity of the products and production processes;
    • Promoting transparency and equitable distribution of margins among the different chain partners;
    • Providing support services through a network of local business support organizations.
    • services through a network of local business support organizations.

We use unique methods and data analysis tools to arrive at innovative solutions for our clients.

These services are based on our unique characteristics:

  • • International organisation of committed people;
    • International network of all relevant supply chain actors as well as funders / donors and local and international policy makers;
    • Mission and result driven approach, balancing concrete market demand and fair and sustainable principles with a long term vision;
    • Co-creation with all supply chain partners

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