Cashew – Burkina Faso

Cashew – Burkina Faso

Establish an inclusive and competitive cashew sector in Burkina Faso, in which farmers, processors and service providers are enabled to increase productivity and efficiency. The specific project in Burkina Faso focuses on the development of long-term trade relations in the cashew nut chain and works towards improving the quality and the yield of cashew harvests.

Starting point
The majority of the actors in the cashew nut chain are focused primarily on short-term profits, and fail to invest in chain sustainability. Small-scale producers are unorganised, their profits often meagre and their harvests poor. Processers do not have sufficient supplies to meet growing market demand.

Local cashew processor Anatrans in Burkina Faso needs stable supply of traceable and certified cashew to meet growing demands.

FairMatch Support
FairMatch Support organises farmers in producer groups and supports them in commercial, financial, technical and organizational aspects of their business. The objective is to increase their productivity, quality and efficiency. The 3S reference code, based on data driven improvements, is one of the instruments that is used to monitor and evaluate these aspects. With the use of 3S, FairMatch Support has developed a performance-based model for service provision to the farmer groups. Based on aspects like the purchasing strategy of the private partner, the farmers organisational capacities and performance farmer groups are selected for various specific support.
FairMatch Support also supervises the various actors in the establishment towards more strategic trade relations and supports the sector development in Burkina Faso in general.

Private and public partners
TDG Trade Development Group
Woord & Daad
Incluvest BV

Direction Génerale de la Promotion et de l’Economie Rurale (DGPER)

Cooperatives : COPRONOS – COPROLEF

Processors are assured of a more stable supply of high quality produce. Farmers receive the specific support they need to develop their business, and negotiate as an organised group directly with processors. Cashew processing employees generate an significantly increased income. A well organised sector will develop. Investing in the cashew supply chain becomes self-evident, generating long term advantages for all actors involved.