FMS prepares farmer groups in Burkina Faso for next cashew season

FMS prepares farmer groups in Burkina Faso for next cashew season

On Friday 26th August FairMatch Support (FMS), jointly with ANATRANS and ACFIME, organised a workshop in Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) for cashew farmers of the cooperatives COPRONOS and COOPROLEF to discuss and plan the activities for the next season under the project ‘Cracking the Nut‘. Through this project farmers will get access to various services and support.

FMS has developed a performance-based model for service provision to the farmer groups. Based on ANATRANS’ purchase strategy, the farmers’ organisational capacities, performance on quality, volume and the observance of contract terms, farmer groups are being selected for various support. This includes financial services of micro-credit partner ACFIME.

Furthermore, FMS supports the farmer groups in commercial, financial, technical and organizational aspects of their business. Objective is to increase their productivity, quality and efficiency.

The aim of the project ‘Cracking the Nut’ is an inclusive and competitive cashew sector in Benin and Burkina Faso, in which farmers, processors and service providers are enabled to increase productivity and efficiency. ‘Cracking the Nut’ will significantly increase the number of jobs and cash income of at least 10,000 farmers and 2,500 workers in the cashew industry in West Africa.

Cracking the Nut is an FDOV-project, financed by RVO, implemented by Woord & Daad together with the consortium partners: TDI BV, DEDRAS, ACFIME, FairMatch Support, DGPER, CARDER, and Incluvest BV.

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