FairMatch Support Central Asia

FairMatch Support Central Asia

At the beginning of 2018 FairMatch Support opened a new branch in Kyrgyzstan. We are proud to present FairMatch Support Central Asia, that will cover our work in this region. From our office in Bishkek the team will organize and support various actors in agricultural and forestry supply chains from Central Asia.

Gulnaz Kaseeva is Director FairMatch Support Central Asia. Gulnaz: “As the director of Agrolead, I started cooperating with FairMatch Support in 2012 on our walnut project. As a team FairMatch Support and Agrolead shared the common vision that a market approach would offer great opportunities for Central Asian producers, processors and traders. In walnuts we achieved great results together. For the first time a sustainable supply chain from Kyrgyzstan to the European market was developed, from which all stakeholders profited – and still do. I am looking forward to extend and use that experience, jointly with the other FairMatch Support teams and their international network, in Central Asia. Joint efforts will mean more opportunities for local producers and processors to enter international markets and improve their livelihood significantly. I think Central Asia has a unique range of local products to offer such as honey, walnut, quinoa and dried fruits. Our ambition is to become a leading company in sustainable supply chain development in Central Asia.”

Herman uit de Bosch, Executive Director and founder of FairMatch Support, sees great potential in Central Asia. Herman: “This region has so much to offer. The natural possibilities and drive to make a change are immense. When this is combined with a market approach, I believe it can lead to improving the lives of many. Central Asia’s team has an extensive experience and network in the region, combined with a high level of professionality. We will closely cooperate with them in our efforts to transform value chains and sectors.”

Besides West Africa and Central Asia, FairMatch Support is orientating on expansion to South Africa, India and Vietnam in the near future.

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Signing FairMatch Support Central Asia contract. From left to right: Suzanne Kagchelland (Business Developer FairMatch Support), Kaiyirkul Kazylaeva (co-founder FairMatch Support Central Asia), Herman uit de Bosch (Executive Director and Founder FairMatch Support), Gulnaz Kaseeva (Co-Founder and Director FairMatch Support Central Asia)


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